The Year of the Llama

I guess the iGosian year of the llama means you stay home with your mama.

We waited. We prayed. We waited some more. And we hoped against hope that things would clear up in time for our summer trips to go as planned.

Unfortunately, things have not gone the way we had hoped. 

We have made the decision to postpone all of our Summer 2020 iGo teams until 2021. 

The list of reasons behind this decision has continued to grow, and the safety of our teams has always been a top priority for us at iGo. We believe this is the best decision at this time and one made with an abundance of caution. 

So what now?

One of the things we have taught for the last 20 years at iGo is that we are called to live on mission. God’s call to missions is not limited to taking mission trips. It is about seeing how our lives fit into God’s ultimate purpose. It is about living every day to make Him famous. 

We know that God’s mission hasn’t been halted, thwarted, or even delayed by any of this. We know that He has a plan and that He wasn’t caught by surprise. We are choosing to trust those truths as we move forward. 

Global missions hasn’t stopped, so we just postponed our trips.

Instead of cancelling our teams for this summer, we are postponing them until 2021. We are finalizing dates with missionaries, and moving this year’s students to the 2021 teams. Lord willing, we will see students engage the work all over the world next summer.

The mission hasn’t stopped, but the method has changed.

We are currently working hard to begin a missions training and resourcing podcast for the summer. We want to continue to challenge students to live on mission, and we want to continue to train and equip them to do so.

The mission hasn’t stopped, especially in our home towns.

Mark your calendars for July 20-24. We aren’t ready right now to throw all the details down, but we are really excited about the first ever iGo Global Hometown Mission Trip. A week of iGo training while you engage the needs right there in your hometown alongside your friends? Yes, please! More info will be coming soon, but go ahead and reserve us that week on your calendar.

And pray with us. Pray for our 2020 participants to persevere. Pray for God to strengthen their faith as another cancellation becomes a reality. Pray for our missionaries that will not get to host teams in their work. Pray for God to help us pivot and make the most of every opportunity. Even the ones disguised as a global pandemic.

And let us know how we can pray for you.

Lance Shumake