iGosian History Month 2018

May is here and iGosian History Month is back to help rekindle that Psalm 96:3 passion as you prepare for the summer months.

Help us raise awareness all month long by making sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram as we celebrate the people, the customs, the food, the traditions, the dance moves, the industries (iGosian Airways), the tour buses, the mascots, the agriculture (cucumbers and tomatoes), and everything else you love about iGosia.

Remember: iGosian History Month isn’t just for nostalgia. It is also a Call to Action! We need your help as we gear up for another summer of helping students change the world while also getting their lives changed…or ruined for His glory.

The iGosian History Month Call to Action has 3 parts. 

Call #1 – The Tribe Gives Back. You can help us train the next generation by giving financially to iGo. Our goal and prayer is still to have 100 iGo alumni on our support team helping us impact the next generation. A monthly gift of $9.63 is a small amount that makes a big difference when added together with other iGosians. You can also give an annual summer donation of $96.30 towards our summer training efforts.

Click here to donate to iGo today and help this generation make Him famous!

Call #2 – Be an iGosian Again. As an iGo alum you have the inside knowledge and experience we need in order to help this year’s students experience iGosia. Come serve as security, run an iGosian market, greet people at the bus station, or help them learn iGosian Tai Chi. We could also use some help leading small groups and walking through some of our training curriculum with the 2018 teams.

There are three training opportunities this summer. Base Camp Alpha is June 16-17. Base Camp Bravo is July 7-8. And we are training some students from The Village Church Plano on July 21.

Click here to find more info and sign up for one or all of our volunteer opportunities this summer!

Call #3 – Pray for our Teams. You have prayer walked with iGo all over the world. You have prayed with insight because you were on-sight. And we need you to join our team of prayer warriors to cover our teams in prayer this summer. Joining the Haystack Prayer Team will give you updates throughout the summer with specific prayer needs for our teams.

Click here to email President Shu and let him know you want to be on the Haystack Team.

As always, we encourage to #fireup! iGosian History Month is a time to remember, to celebrate, to reconnect, and to give back. Let’s #makeHimfamous!

iGo Global Staff

Your friends at iGo Global