iGo Global is 100% support-based. Each of our staff and the ministry itself raise support to continue sending students to the ends of the earth to Make Him Famous.

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Ways You Can Partner


Each donation to the ministry of iGo Global plays an integral part in making him famous around the world. Please continue to send payments for trips through the mail.

One TimeRecurring


It costs iGo $384 a year to send one student overseas. Join the iSend Project and you can help cover the iGo portion of sending a student or team. We'll even connect you with that student!

One TimeRecurring


Each of our staff raise their own support. Become a partner with one of our staff members and join them in the work of training and sending students to the ends of the earth.

One TimeRecurring


We are grateful for the vision God has given iGo Global to help students live on mission wherever they are by providing them opportunities for training on the field. It is with joy that we join them in sending students to the nations.

Doug & Beverly W


It is our joy to give to iGo Global monthly to help support the work being done. This is one way we can feel connected and feel like we are a part of the work that God's hand is on.

Liand N


You don’t have to spend much time with them to see that God’s hand is on this ministry. Because of the impact iGo has made in the life of our family we felt that just praying for the ministry was not enough. We wanted to be a part of what they were doing by contributing financially.

Michelle B