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Preparing for your Trip

The iGo Challenge is a 10-day Bible study designed to help you discover God's plan for the nations and His desire for you to be involved in Making Him Famous.

Looking for creative ideas on how to raise support? This 2-part blog series provides lots of encouragement and practical ideas! Definitely a must read.

Helpful Articles

Three Reasons to Do Short-Term Missions
What are the benefits of a short-term trip?

Sharing Christ with Muslims
Practical tips on building bridges to the gospel

The Biggest Barrier to Students Going to the Mission Field
How to talk with your parents about missions

Gateway Cities – What and Why
Why does iGo send teams to cities like Madrid?

Living Missionally
Follow the M.A.P to a missional lifestyle

Our Core Values

God does everything, yes everything, ultimately for His glory.

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We join God in the work he's been doing since the beginning of time.

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When God gives us the opportunity to sow seeds of the gospel into others, we can rejoice.

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God’s plan to bring hope to the world is through His church.

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Sermons on Missional Living

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