Advent: Share Peace

By Lance Shumake · December 23, 2020

Peace on earth. The angels proclaimed that to the shepherds as they gave the most important announcement the world has ever heard. The Christmas story has so many layers. It’s a story of hope. A story of love. A story of joy. And a story of peace. As you hear songs about peace and you see decor highlighting peace this season, do you feel at peace? I love the Casting Crowns version of I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. Take 5 and listen to the song paying attention to the lyrics. I especially relate to this verse: “And in…

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Advent: Share Joy

By Lance Shumake · December 17, 2020

Chances are you haven’t spent a lot of time digging into Habakkuk lately. Bonus points if you can find it without using the contents, an app, or blind luck. By the way, if you are currently doing the One Year Bible (and you are actually caught up to date), you will be reading Habakkuk tomorrow (December 18). Consider this your spoiler alert. Habakkuk is a minor prophet, which has nothing to do with his importance, but only the length of his book. It was short, but not all that sweet. Habakkuk’s book is basically a conversation he had with God…

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Advent: Share Love

By Lance Shumake · December 10, 2020

We say we love our families, and we say we love donuts. Hopefully we don’t love those two the same way, but if that is your struggle, you are probably looking for a different blog. One of the problems with love is the word itself. We use love to describe our feelings towards all kinds of things: our children, a sports team, our pets, the weather, gas station jerky, activities, songs, movies, and sweaters. Greek, which is the original language of the New Testament, was a step ahead of English when it comes to love. They had several different words…

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Advent: Share Hope

By Lance Shumake · December 3, 2020

Jesus was born into a world marked by hopelessness. God had been silent. No doubt people wondered if He had given up on them. Surely they questioned why He hadn’t shown up to deliver them out of their misery. I’m glad we don’t feel like that anymore. Oh wait…it’s 2020. Has this year made you wonder if God is finally done with us? Have you grown abundantly weary waiting for Him to end all this craziness? Well, a COVID Christmas is up next. After shrinking Thanksgiving in the Corona wash cycle, it is safe to say this Christmas will be…

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Election Reminder

By Lance Shumake · November 2, 2020

I figured we all need at least one more reminder about the election, right? You know, just in case every single app on your phone hasn’t done the job. Hold up. Please don’t close this window. This is not a reminder to vote (although I hope you have or will). This is also not going to be instructions on how to vote disguised as a reminder. I’m taking on a different goal. I want to remind you of some things in a way that will help you survive this week. Some truths that can guide us all through the stress…

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Convinced Yet?

By Lance Shumake · October 21, 2020

To be completely certain about something = convinced. I’m convinced about all kinds of things. I’m convinced that Blue Bell makes the best ice cream. I’m convinced that classic country is far superior to what is called country music today. Long live Waylon, Willie, and the Boys. I’m convinced that Buc-ee’s is worth the stop. Every time. I’m convinced that I-35 between Dallas and Austin will always be the worst. I’m convinced that Seinfeld is better than The Office. And I’m convinced that Whataburger is the GOAT when it comes to fast-food burger joints. It’s not just me, though. Check…

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The Most Popular Commandment

By Lance Shumake · October 6, 2020

Commandments. They are a big part of Scripture. A big part of how we are to follow God. Jesus said that if we love him we will keep his commandments. We all know about the Top Ten. These are the OG commandments. They are designed to lead us to the life that is set apart. A life that pleases God. But we didn’t keep them. Especially when you see how Jesus explains them in his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Which reminds us that they have a bigger purpose as well — to point us to our need for…

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The Right Mindset

By Lance Shumake · September 17, 2020

Is anyone planning anymore?  How’s your 2021 calendar looking? Lots of plans coming together?  Probably not. It’s no secret that it is really hard to plan in the future tense right now. So many unknowns continue to linger with this pandemic.  We are right there with you. Planning for overseas iGo trips (or any trips) in 2021 feels like throwing darts while wearing a blindfold.  So what do we do, when planning is so challening?  It might just start with a change in our mindset. Here are two mindsets we can adopt during these times.  The first is the “If the Lord wills it” mindset. Check…

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The Hometown Fleet

By Lance Shumake · June 25, 2020

In the year of the llama, you stay home with your mama. Yes, all of our iGo trips this summer were grounded. And just like everyone else, we figured out a way to pivot. Hometown 2020: Your town, His Mission was born. The mission didn’t get cancelled. God’s ancient work is always on schedule, and always around us. Wherever we find ourselves at the moment. Churches are joining us for Hometown 2020, and the list keeps growing. And most of our churches would love to have some iGo student leaders. It’s time for the Hometown 2020 Fleet to assemble. Fleet…

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How True It Is

By Lance Shumake · June 2, 2020

Fulfilling the Great Commission is connected to the Greatest Commandment. Jesus commissions his followers to make disciples of all the nations. To go to every nation, tribe, and tongue with the good news.  Obedience to this can be done, I guess, out of a sense of obligation. That might lead someone to take a mission trip just to check it off their spiritual to-do list. But it doesn’t really work that way over the long haul, does it?  Enter the greatest commandment. When asked which commandment was the greatest, Jesus answered this way:   “You shall love the Lord your God…

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