You ask…He answers

By iGo Global Staff · July 31, 2018

Your iGo trip is officially in the books. Your suitcase is unpacked (unless you are a Germany JSI and iGosian Airways took over your return flight and lost your luggage in or near Philly. In that case, just trust the process). Part of you misses your time overseas. Part of you wishes you were still there. Part of you can’t believe that the trip went so quickly. Part of you, it seems, stayed overseas. So now what? It’s always a good idea to find your answers in the Word.  When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because…

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iGosian History Month 2018

By iGo Global Staff · May 7, 2018

May is here and iGosian History Month is back to help rekindle that Psalm 96:3 passion as you prepare for the summer months. Help us raise awareness all month long by making sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram as we celebrate the people, the customs, the food, the traditions, the dance moves, the industries (iGosian Airways), the tour buses, the mascots, the agriculture (cucumbers and tomatoes), and everything else you love about iGosia. Remember: iGosian History Month isn’t just for nostalgia. It is also a Call to Action! We need your help as we gear up for…

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Party Time at iGo! 2018 Banquets are here!

By iGo Global Staff · January 23, 2018

Let the iGo Parties begin! Three nights of celebration are coming your way and coming soon. Join us as we celebrate what God has done through iGo and our students over the last 17 years, and as we anticipate the next summer and beyond! Here are the three dates and locations for 2018. Saturday, February 10 in Rockwall at Heritage Christian Academy Friday, February 23 in Plano at The Village Church Plano Saturday, February 24 in Rockwall at Heritage Christian Academy I hope to see you at one of these for sure. But I also hope that you will take…

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Day of the Mascot Challenge Game

By iGo Global Staff · November 10, 2017

It’s an iGosian holiday today. The only one, really. We call it the Day of the Mascot. The basic idea is that iGosians will celebrate this day by wearing their favorite iGo Mascot shirt and gathering with other iGosians to share stories and memories from your time overseas with iGo. So we thought it might be fun to create a #MascotDay challenge this time around. See how many points you can earn from the list below. Total up your points and you might be a winner. Did I mention there will be prizes? Don’t forget to post using the #MascotDay…

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iGosian History Month: A Call to Action

By iGo Global Staff · May 8, 2017

You may not know that May is iGosian History Month. Probably because we just decided that in our last staff meeting. You can do that, you know. Just decide to declare a day or a week or a month to remember or honor or celebrate something? So why not iGosia? So join us this month as we celebrate and remember all things iGosia. We plan to fill up the social media landscape with famous iGosians, favorite things about iGosia polls, best cucumber and tomato recipes, and so much more. But the most important thing we have planned for iGosian History Month…

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NINETYSIX3: An Unlimited Value

By iGo Global Staff · November 1, 2016

The standard streaming subscription for Netflix costs $9.99 per month and there are over 47 million Netflix subscribers in the USofA alone. What a phenomenon. I get it. I mean, there are always Stranger Things you could be spending your money on, right? Netflix is a good investment when you consider all the ways you can use it. You can binge watch it with Friends, or you can get Lost in a show all alone. Streaming Netflix on your smart phone means you can take your favorite shows outdoors. You could watch a comedy on benches in city Parks, And…

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3 Ways to Celebrate the iGosian Day of the Mascot #iGoMascotDay

By iGo Global Staff · October 24, 2016

iGosia has everything. Amazing people, beautiful scenery (tour buses included), delicious food, one of the world’s most consistent airlines, and the best cucumbers and tomatoes you will ever find. iGosia even has its own holiday. November 1 is the date every year that iGosians celebrate the Day of the Mascot. The iGosian diaspora throughout the world look forward to #iGoMascotDay and the chance to represent their beloved fictional country in a variety of ways. As you prepare, we would like to offer you 3 ways to make the most of your Day of the Mascot celebration in 2016! #1 –…

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This is definitely not for you

By iGo Global Staff · September 13, 2016

No, really. You. This is not your deal, sister. You are not ready for it and you couldn’t do it even if you were. In fact, it is probably safe to say that God didn’t even call you to this in the first place, bro. Seriously, why would He call you? What do you even have to offer? So you’re still reading? Nice. This probably felt a little like the old reverse psychology tricks from your parents. You know the ones: “Don’t you dare smile for this picture!” Or maybe, “You’re right. School is a waste of time. I think…

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July 11, 2016 // Green Trek

By iGo Global Staff · July 11, 2016

Today was our free day, it was super fun! I got some cute Birkenstocks! See y’all soon, love you! LF – San Angelo Today was great. The beauty of this place is so amazing. Can’t wait to see you and tell you tons of stories. CD – San Angelo Had a great day with a few people I got to meet this past week and it was a fantastic way to end this trip. Father is so good and I’m so blessed! See everyone very soon! LA – Seminole Sorry guys, just realized I’m in Munich, not Dominica. See you…

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July 11, 2016 // White Trek

By iGo Global Staff · July 11, 2016

S. L. Lufkin Free day was great but hot. I got y’all some gifts, but my time management wasn’t great so don’t expect anything. I love you guys and can’t wait to see you!! S. J. Shallowater Love you guys and see you soon! C. D. Seminole Hey mom and dad! Today was great. Today was our free day and it was fun. See you guys soon! M. H. Early Free day was fun and I can’t wait to see you guys. K. S. Stephenville Hey guys. Today was our free day and it was so much fun. The time…

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