The Hometown Fleet

In the year of the llama, you stay home with your mama.

Yes, all of our iGo trips this summer were grounded. And just like everyone else, we figured out a way to pivot.

Hometown 2020: Your town, His Mission was born. The mission didn’t get cancelled. God’s ancient work is always on schedule, and always around us. Wherever we find ourselves at the moment.

Churches are joining us for Hometown 2020, and the list keeps growing. And most of our churches would love to have some iGo student leaders. It’s time for the Hometown 2020 Fleet to assemble.

Fleet = FLT = Field Leadership Team

Would you like to get out of your house and help a church engage their community? Would you be willing to serve alongside one of these groups for a week?

As of today, we need FLT to serve near San Antonio, in Rockwall, near College Station, close to Fort Worth, near Lubbock, in New Mexico, and in Kansas.

Are you close to any of those places? Or ready for a classic road trip?

Let’s talk. Shoot me an email – Hit us up on Instagram or Facebook, or even the Twitter.

You might just get a short break from your mama, in the year of the llama. Not that anyone would ever need that, of course. #welovemamas

Lance Shumake