Hometown 2020

Sometimes the iGosian mascots seem to be chosen with a sense of destiny. Tokyo put a penguin logo on their subway cards in the year of the penguin. The JSI team from the year of the goat (2007) still claims to be the greatest of all time. And those sloth shirts from 2017 moved way too slowly out of our warehouse. This year’s mascot, however, may have topped them all.

In the year of the llama…you stay home with your mama.

So pretty much everything has been cancelled, and we all may end up stuck in our hometown all summer. But we are always on mission. We are called to live lives that make Him famous.

That’s why we have created Hometown 2020: Your town, His mission.

It’s a week filled with the training from iGo to help you engage the mission and live the mission. It’s a week of worship and preaching the gospel. And it’s a week of you serving in your hometown. Meeting needs. Helping people. Sharing the gospel.

Hometown 2020 is for you. It’s for your youth group. It’s for your college ministry. It’s for your friend group. It’s for your family. It’s for your church.

Some of those details

Hometown 2020 will take place July 27-31. We will kick things off Monday night at your church, or maybe in your living room with worship and teaching.

Tuesday – Thursday we will provide training and teaching. We will teach the Core Values, how to share the gospel, and maybe even some cross-cultural strategies. Each evening we will gather for worship and gospel-centered preaching.

Each day you will be challenged to serve as well. In your hometown. Based on needs in your community. Your group will serve together, and your group will determine where, when, and how.

Ready to sign up already? Go ahead and email us and let us know you want more info. Keep reading if you want to know even more right now.

There are a couple different ways you can participate.

At the base level, you and your group can participate for free. Sign up your group and you will be granted access to all the training videos as well as the livestream worship every night.

We will have 2020 shirts for sale as well as other items to add to the experience, but the overall experience won’t cost you a thing.

You can level up your experience by adding iGo leaders. As long as it remains safe to do so, we are willing to send at least 2 student leaders to your church to help you with all the aspects of the week. These iGo interns will arrive ready to lead your students, emcee the event, facilitate discussions, and help your students engage your community.

In order for this to work, we ask you to cover a small honorarium (paid to the student leaders) as well as room and board for their week. Email us if you are interested in hosting some of our FLT (Field Leadership Team), AKA the Fleet.

One more thing for now – the goal of every night is to have live worship at your location followed by live-streamed preaching. Who can lead worship for your group? Absolutely don’t have an answer to that question? Let us know. We might have some options for that as well.

Let’s live on mission. Let’s engage the mission right outside our front door.

To sign up, request FLT students, or just to ask questions, email us at shu@igoglobal.org.

Lance Shumake