The #LastingImpact Challenge 2019

I still find myself amazed that it happens. Even though our teaching and our training is all geared for life on mission way beyond the actual mission trip, I get caught off guard when I hear how God really used iGo to do exactly that. And so much more.

God has used iGo Global to make a #LastingImpact on hundreds and even thousands of students. Incredible.

Is that your story too? Did your time with iGo (even if it was only one summer years ago) leave a lasting impact on your life and your view of the world?

If so, we would love to hear it. Send me your story. It can be 2-3 sentences or 2-3 paragraphs or whatever. We want to hear it, so please send it.

And would you help us continue this work? Your support could be the catalyst for God using iGo to make a #LastingImpact in the life of a student this summer!

And now for the challenge part. We have an iGo board member/donor/friend who has agreed to match any donation by an iGo alum and the parents of an iGo alum up to $10,000!

For real! If iGosians give $10,000 between now and the end of February, that will be doubled to the tune of $20,000! $20K to help us train and mobilize the next generation! We will use these funds to help our staff, develop more leaders, assist team leaders with trip costs, recruit more students, and open new partnerships.

Here is what we are asking you to do in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to and make a donation. Our goal for this challenge is $10,000. So your donation of $100 becomes $200! Your donation of $500 becomes $1000! And so on and so on. Any donation you can make will be doubled! And every donation helps us!
  2. Post on your favorite social media that you just supported iGo and are helping us make a #LastingImpact. Then, we need you to take it to the next level and challenge your parents and 2-3 or more iGo friends to do the same. Tag them in the post and call them out. We have almost 5000 iGo alumni out there, and we want to reach all of them. So tag and challenge your old teammates. Please get creative with your posts and your challenge. Make it about your iGosian mascot, post a picture from your team, use iGosian catch phrases, etc. Make it fun, or at least funny!
  3. Make sure you include the links in your post. To the Donate Page of course, but also to this very post so that your friends can see the challenge.

Here is what a sample #LastingImpact post could look like:

I donated to iGo Global today in order to help make a #LastingImpact. Back in high school, I went to Japan with iGo and God used that experience to create a lasting impact in my life. It was during that trip that I learned that life is not about me, but I am here in order to live for God’s glory and make Him famous.

I want to challenge my mom and dad and these teammates: Allen, Jason, Tara, Jordan, and Allison to help create a #lastingimpact in others by donating and sharing their story as well.

This next year, 2020, will be the 20th summer for us at iGo! We are so thankful that you were part of the first 20 years, and we are asking you to partner with us and help us as we head into the next 20! Thank you so much!

One Tribe, Y’all!


Lance Shumake