iGosian History Month: A Call to Action

You may not know that May is iGosian History Month. Probably because we just decided that in our last staff meeting. You can do that, you know. Just decide to declare a day or a week or a month to remember or honor or celebrate something? So why not iGosia?

So join us this month as we celebrate and remember all things iGosia. We plan to fill up the social media landscape with famous iGosians, favorite things about iGosia polls, best cucumber and tomato recipes, and so much more.

But the most important thing we have planned for iGosian History Month is a Call to Action. Help us raise awareness for iGosians everywhere by responding to the following four action steps.

Pray For. As a former iGo team member you know the value of prayer. You have been on-sight with us so you can pray for our teams this summer with in-sight. Send an email to Sarah Arnett and tell her you want to be on the haystack prayer team. We will add you to our closed/secret group on Facebook called The Haystack and you will get updates and prayer needs from the front lines throughout the summer months. haystack

Speak In. In the next few weeks a whole new crop of students will come to Base Camp and become iGosians. What advice do you have for them? What encouragement could you share as they are trained and prepared to make Him famous? What do you wish someone had told you before you visited this wonderful place? Send President Shu an email and with your thoughts for this year’s students and we will share them at Base Camp.


Sign Up. How long has it been since you visited iGosia personally? Well…that’s too long. We need your help in training and mobilizing this summer. Check out the Base Camp page on our website to see all the info you need to volunteer at a Base Camp this summer. Reconnect with your iGosian friends, and help us prepare the next wave of students. You can also send an email to Rachel Partridge Rachel Partridge in order to secure your spot as a volunteer.


Give Back. What did your time with iGo mean to you? How did it shape your worldview? What did you learn about God and His plans? How did the training impact your life then and now? Our prayer has always been that God would use iGo to impact a generation with the Bottom Line. Would you help us to continue this work by giving back? We are praying for 100 iGosians to partner with iGo for $9.63 per month. This money will go directly towards our work of training and mobilizing. Send an email to Chassidy Rogers to get signed up today and start giving back. You can also visit our donate page to sign up and join the NINETYSIX3 club.


Thanks iGosians! Together we can make this the best iGosian History Month ever!

iGo Global Staff

Your friends at iGo Global