3 Ways to Celebrate the iGosian Day of the Mascot #iGoMascotDay

iGosia has everything. Amazing people, beautiful scenery (tour buses included), delicious food, one of the world’s most consistent airlines, and the best cucumbers and tomatoes you will ever find.

iGosia even has its own holiday.

November 1 is the date every year that iGosians celebrate the Day of the Mascot. The iGosian diaspora throughout the world look forward to #iGoMascotDay and the chance to represent their beloved fictional country in a variety of ways.

As you prepare, we would like to offer you 3 ways to make the most of your Day of the Mascot celebration in 2016!


#1 – Rep your mascot and tag us so we can see your iGosian pride. Use the hashtag #iGoMascotDay as you share a picture of you wearing your mascot shirt from your summer, or the one you made yourself when you realized your mom donated yours to the thrift store. Mascot shirts are the perfect way to promote your iGosian heritage as you attend classes, hang with friends, or go to work. Got some kind of dress code issues at school or work? Sounds like a creative challenge to me. Just don’t forget to take that selfie, post it on the world wide web, and use that hashtag.

Bonus points if you just go straight up iGosian for the day. Who knows? Maybe you will start a new trend.


#2 – Join a Day of the Mascot gathering near you. This year iGosians will gather together in four different official #iGoMascotDay locations. We will gather at the iGo World Wide Headquarters in Wylie. We will also have three satellite gathering locations in Austin, College Station, and Tyler. Live near one of these locations? Make your plans now to join in the fun by meeting up with other iGosians to celebrate together. We will be connecting those locations virtually through Facebook live that evening as well. Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for the details you need.

The gatherings will provide you an opportunity to meet some other iGosians, share some of the meaningful moments from your time on an iGo trip, and hear about some ways you can continue to connect with iGo as part of our alumni base. It’s gonna be awesome, so put it on your calendar now.


#3 – Be bold and host an unofficial gathering yourself. So maybe you don’t live anywhere near one of those locations. Maybe your iGosian friends are with you way out in Spokane, Hamburg, Munich, or even Shawnee. We would love to hear where you are gathering and who is gathering with you. Share it on our Facebook page or send it to us and we will share it for you. Let us know in advance and we might be able to connect you in virtually as we all gather and celebrate.

Are you the only iGosian for miles and miles and days and days? You can still connect. Make sure you check out our Facebook that night and you will virtually be right here with us. We are looking forward to seeing you here in Wylie or all around the world this November 1. It’s the iGosian Day of the Mascot. Get ready. Get excited. Fire up.

iGo Global Staff

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