The Official Holiday of iGosia

Fact: iGosians love a good holiday.

Fiction: iGosian Airlines employees treat every day like a holiday. (No really, it’s fiction. It only seems like it is true.)

Fact: iGosians also love mascots.

Fiction: All iGosia mascots eat cucumbers and tomatoes. (The octopus can’t do it. #textureissues)

Put these two facts together and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind celebration.

The good people of iGosia would like to invite you to join us as we celebrate our national holiday, The Day of the Mascot. Every year, on November 1, iGosians unite in order to show their support for the country that has meant so much to their personal growth.

IMG_0416 copy

So break out your favorite mascot shirt, or the one that still looks presentable (this year November 1 is on a Sunday, people), and wear it with pride. But don’t forget the most important part—the picture. Group pics, selfies, or even getting a friend to take a picture of you (as anachronistic as that might seem) are all acceptable. Tag us in the pic or share it on our iGo Facebook page. Tweet it out to @igoglobal and use the #iGomascotday hashtag. You can even use that instagram thing.


Don’t have a mascot shirt anymore? Sounds like a reason for some mascot mourning. Take heart! There is still hope for you…barely. You just need to get creative and make your own. These girls did it, and we know you can too.


One final thought. This year’s holiday is even bigger! We recently kicked off a brand new initiative for iGo alumni (that’s you) called Ninety-six3! So while you are thinking about iGo this Sunday, take a moment and join Ninety-six3 and be part of giving back to the next generation as they make Him famous.


That is all. Carry on, iGosians!



iGo Global Staff

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