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Let me say this right from the start so there is no confusion. This blog post is meant to be a 2-way conversation. At the bottom of this post, you will find a comment button. This conversation needs your voice. Be ready to share. Ok, you may now proceed. You have been notified.

What we are asking you to do (and we will keep asking) is to SHARE. Share your favorite memory or moment from your time in iGosia. There are 15 years of training and mobilizing in the books here at iGo, which means that the memories and moments have changed over the years. In some ways there are different generations of iGosians now, and the different generations will have different memories.


There are some of you out there that will remember “Ernie Smith’s” demands for payment for a picture taken with such a celebrity.


Earlier generations of iGosians may still have a whistling noise in their ears.

For some, your memories of iGosia are wrapped up in the charm of a third-world country camp called Lavon. “Ummmmm, our dorm is on fire??!!??” Those were some good days when spider crickets, backed-up toilets, late-night quinceaneras, musty paneling, and trusty but rusty golf carts helped our teams dominate their “real” cross-cultural experience.


For some, the memories are focused on the food. Cucumbers and tomatoes have long been the official food group of iGosia. But culture meals, markets, and meager meals have also been part of our training over the years. Perhaps you ate sardines in order to get a honey-bun? Or maybe your whole team shared a gallon of luke-warm milk for breakfast….without any cups? It has been said that the rotiesserie chickens of iGosia are a memory category of their own. Perhaps you remember a surly and uncaring iGosian market vendor that occasionally chunked perfectly good “tomatoes” into the “ocean.”


Of course, we can’t forget that iGosians themselves provide some of the best memories. The beggars, the children, the pick-pocket artists, and the money-for-my-baby lady have all created some lasting impressions. Do you remember the iGosian that taught you the iGosian dance? Do you remember the iGosian that made you sing a Taylor Swift song? Which iGosian sold you the wrong bus ticket….2 times??? Those iGosians have hassled you, frustrated you, annoyed you, awakened you, and taught you iGosian Tai-Chi all for God’s glory and your gladness. Or at least your training.


Finally, there is the actual teaching of iGosia. Core values that travel with you for the rest of your life. Cross-cultural awareness that enables you to adapt to any and all situations. Gospel-centered teaching that informs your life’s journey in every possible way.

Will you SHARE your memory? Please add your voice and SHARE your story. You can share your iGosian memory today by hitting the comment button here or commenting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In the next few weeks, we are also going to be asking you to SHARE your iGosian memory in a much, much bigger way. Stay tuned for those details. For now, we wait to hear from you.

iGo Global Staff

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