Ninety-six3: The Tribe Gives Back

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate. They shall speak of the might of your awesome deeds, and I will declare your greatness. They shall pour forth the fame of your abundant goodness and shall sing aloud of your righteousness.” –Psalm 145:4-7 

The passage above shows a common theme throughout Scripture. One generation tells the next generation about God. Generation after generation passes the amazing story of God to the next generation to come. It is a beautiful pattern and a wonderful plan.

With this pattern in mind, we are issuing a challenge.  We are extending an invitation. We are presenting an opportunity. We are making an appeal. We are submitting a proposal. We are requesting your help.

And we are asking you to respond by November 1AKA The Day of the Mascot.

Over the last 15 years iGo has been used by God to train and mobilize a generation. You are that generation. Our mantra has been simple. Make Him Famous. That phrase comes from Psalm 96:3 —

“Declare His glory among the nations. His marvelous works among all the peoples!”

Our work is not done. In many ways it is always beginning… at least until every nation, tribe and tongue have been accounted for that is. The next generation needs to hear the call to engage God’s Ancient Work. This generation of students needs to have their life trajectory altered in order to align with The Bottom Line. They need to be challenged to embrace the Joy of the Sower. And they need to be pointed back to their local church as the only vehicle by which God brings the Hope of the World.

Will you help us commend God’s work to the next generation? Last week, we asked you to SHARE. Today, we are giving you a practical way to do exactly that.

We are looking for 100 iGosians to join what we are calling Ninety-six3. One hundred, or as Brad says, “a hunnerd”, who will help position iGo to continue to train and mobilize students to make Him famous for the next 15 years and beyond.

Specifically, we are praying for 100 iGo alumni to partner with iGo financially. A commitment of $35 per month would add up to a $420 investment in our ministry over the course of year. That $420 covers the ministry cost associated with recruiting, administrative logistics, and Base Camp for one student. Here is a breakdown for you:

$35 per month = $420 per year = helping iGo train and mobilize one student to make Him famous.

$70 per month = $840 per year = helping iGo train and mobilize two students to make Him famous.

$105 per month = $1260 per year = helping iGo train and mobilize three students to make Him famous.

You get the picture. You can help us train and mobilize as many as you want. But let me make the picture even bigger and even cooler for you.

100 iGosians giving $35 per month would mean $42,000 per year for iGo Global to train and mobilize students, adults, youth groups, and beyond! If the Tribe would come together and give back in this way, iGo would have some serious resources to expand our work, help our hard-working staff, recruit more students, and make an even bigger impact in the next 15 years!

So here is the best way I can present this to you: If you learned anything from iGo… If you have benefited from our teaching and training…. If the core values changed things for you and still show up in your life today…. If your eyes were opened on an iGo trip overseas and have remained open… If the intersection of your life and iGo Global has made any kind of lasting impact on your life…

then would you consider commending God’s work (through iGo) to the next generation? We are calling it Ninety-six3: The Tribe Gives Back. It’s your turn to invest. It’s your turn to train and mobilize. It’s your turn to give back.

To be one of the 100, follow this link: iGo Global Recurring Donation (Note: If you would rather give the annual total than a monthly gift, you can do that with this link: iGo Global One-Time Donation.

Select the “Other” amount bubble and type in your amount based on the choices above. In the box below that says “This gift is for,” type Ninety-six3.

And just in case you are wondering…the answer is yes. Anyone who joins Ninety-six3 will receive some really cool stuff in the mail from iGo. I think the kids like to call it iGo swag or something like that. I know you are going to want this stuff for sure.

Please join us today! You will be part of the 100. You will make a huge difference in the next 15 years at iGo. And you will help the next generation to make Him famous.

Thank you,

Lance Shumake, President iGo Global


iGo Global Staff

Your friends at iGo Global