Frontline Friday: God Opens Doors

This past week has been one to remember for sure. Last week we branched off into different sites that we had been to only one or two times since we’ve been here. My team went to a site I had been to before, but I didn’t care for it much. I asked Father to break down my own barriers and show me how he was at work there.

After PR walking for a few hours, we began to try to find a place for dinner. This was a difficult task because literally every restaurant in the area was closed due to the month of fasting. We asked a man passing by where a good place to eat is and he led us to his friend’s restaurant even though it was closed. Very generously the shop owner, D, opened up his doors to our group and served us dinner. After a great meal we tried to talk with him but he was very busy so we were unable to have a full conversation.

The next day we got to spend a lot of time prayer walking then went back D’s for dinner. After the meal we were able to hang out and talk with our new friend a lot more. He began to explain his Islamic beliefs and we shared what we believe. The beginning of the conversation felt more like an argument between the two different faiths.

However, Father reminded us we weren’t here for debates, we were here to share the gospel.

We continually poured into this man by sharing the story over and over. He continued to try to argue with us until we shared what the gospel meant in our lives. The whole conversation turned right there. Our new friend was intrigued and liked the fact that our faith was personal to us. We then began to tell him of our interest in his culture and how we would love to know more. He happily invited us to go to the mosque that he attends and break fast with him and his friends.

Going to the mosque is something that I will never forget. Standing there watching people worshiping and PR-ing to a powerless god was an indescribable feeling. I felt extremely blessed to be able to go in and not only pray over the people but to praise Father knowing he will make His name great among these people.

Even though we did not get to spend much time with our friend, Father had something else in store. One of our M’s was able to go to the mosque with us, and he was able to make instant connections by speaking their native dialect. This opened up some doors and he is now welcome to visit there anytime.

Honestly it is insane just to see Father’s sovereignty and the ancient work throughout this whole process. It’s incredible to think about teams from previous years pr-walking the area and asking for connections and conversations like the ones we are now having. We came in and joined in those prayers. Now the M can visit the mosque and will continue the work there long after we are gone.

Father is so good to allow us to join in what he’s already doing all over the world. Literally, there is nothing I could have done to make that situation happen other than relying fully on Father to work and use us. I am thankful to have had my prayer answered so beautifully.

iGo Global Staff

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