Frontline Friday: Camels, taxis, and Gospel Conversations

I can’t believe that we are halfway through. The last few weeks have seemed to really fly by. When first getting here I was excited to step into the work and see how Father had been working. Now that I am involved I am completely in awe and humbled. Amazing things are happening here and He is working.

I am also really enjoying the culture. I have ridden a camel, had plenty of hot tea and coffee, taken many taxis, slept in the desert, and overall had a really great time.

People here are so enthralled in their culture that it plays a huge part in beliefs. We have met many people that have had much trouble understanding the concept of a Father that loves us and a son that would die for us. But it is also encouraging how many people want to talk to us and are listening to the truth.

Please pr that Father would speak to these people and draw them to Himself. Some of the people we have met here really just want to meet with Americans, but we continue to pr that we will meet people that want to hear truth. I trust that this will happen, and I believe Father is working.

Before I go I want to share one story. While on the way to meet another group of guys, a friend and I were in a taxi. We used the little Arabic we know to start a conversation. From here using a few more words we were able to start a conversation about the Word. After asking him why he hasn’t read the word he told us that he hasn’t pr-ed or done anything for his relationship with “Father” in a long time. We were able to share truth and have a plant some seeds. This reminded me that there are so many that have not heard the truth and are looking for ways different than how they were raised. Please be lifting these people up.


iGo Global Staff

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