Frontline Friday: Building Relationships and Sharing Christ in Madrid

God has been doing great things in Madrid! This past week we were Pr-walking through a park and we passed a young woman sitting on a bench by herself. We started Pr-ing for her and sat on a bench nearby. After a couple minutes we felt led to go talk to her, so we went over and started a conversation.

She is 22 years old and speaks a tiny bit of English, so we told her we could practice our Spanish and she could practice her English. She was extremely friendly and invited us to sit on the bench next to her. She opened the door to spiritual conversations almost immediately by talking about her fasting and other religious practices and traditions.

We talked for a while and then we went for a walk because she wanted to show us the fair that was in town and to see her house and meet her parents. As we walked we talked more and there were lots of opportunities for me to listen to her beliefs and then tell her who JC is and how he loves us and died for us. She told us that she actually has a Bible that she reads sometimes and that she likes it, and that she has many Christian friends.

Eventually it was time for us to meet back up with the group but she met everyone and invited us all to go to the fair with her family after they broke fast that evening. At the fair we just spent time together and had fun! We were able to spend time with her the next two days also and had lots more opportunities to tell her about Jesus and continue to invest in the relationship. We were also able to give her a booklet about Jesus in Spanish, and she was very excited and appreciative and said she would read it!

There are only 7 known North African/Middle Eastern people who have come to be believers in Madrid, so it is huge that there is a girl like her who has a Bible, reads it, and is open to hearing about Jesus! We may have a chance to spend more time with her in the future, but for now seeds of truth have been planted and we can trust Father will be moving in her heart.  Continue to PR for her (for safety reasons we will call her, D). Pray that God would move in her heart and bring her to know him!


This week we are volunteering at a basketball/cheerleading camp that is a combination of Upwards basketball and VBS. We have around 140 kids! PR that Father would move in the children’s hearts and keep giving us energy and opportunities to serve!

The team is still doing great as far as unity goes, but please pr against discouragement on days when it feels like Father isn’t moving or when hours of Pr-walking gets wearisome. Pr that we would be content with whatever step of obedience God has for us, whether that is leading someone to JC, sharing the Story, or just covering the area in pr.

iGo Global Staff

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