Frontline Friday: Checking in from northern Africa

Today’s Frontline Friday report comes from our team leader in northern Africa. This team has been on the ground a little over a week now and is just getting settled into their city. Please read through the report and spend some time praying for this team and the work they are engaging.

Things are going very well here, and I’m pumped for the summer to really get rolling.The last couple days have consisted mostly of learning different parts of the city and learning how to get around effectively. Today I hailed a taxi and told him where I wanted to go without requiring too much help. Whoop! We also learned a little about the bus and trams.

The language has been difficult, but it’s an easy way to engage with people. By just attempting the language, it feels like walls come down. It has been fun to laugh and joke with women as I butcher the phrases I’ve learned. Luckily for me they’ve all been understanding and have seemed to enjoy my efforts. These interactions have been encouraging in our first days here, but we’re excited to have deeper conversations as we start to find more English speakers. College students should be getting out of school soon, so English speakers should be much easier to come by after that.

One of my friends had a really cool conversation today while we were out. They met a guy on the street near where we are staying. The guys talked for a bit, and found out that this guy feels like he has to say he is Mus/im because he lives here, but doesn’t believe it in his heart. He said he thought there had to be something else. My friend got his phone number and they’re supposed to get coffee soon. This conversation was a direct answer to something we had been asking all day. We had been praying that walls would be broken down and that the people here wouldn’t feel like they have to be Mus/im because of cultural traditions.

Please join us in that prayer for these precious people and specifically this new friend.


iGo Global Staff

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