Back to School MAP Part 1: Four Checkpoints for Missional Living

In case you haven’t seen the book of faces, just about everyone in the human race seems to have started school this week. So this post is for all of you students that put on some new clothes, stuffed ridiculous amounts of supplies into a backpack, packed a marginally nutritious lunch, and arrived on time this morning ready to connect with friends, tell stories from the summer, hang out in the hallways, and maybe even learn something.

Some of you attending some of the larger universities in our land may actually be in need of a map of the campus as you navigate your class schedule. For most of you, a map is not going to be necessary. Or is it?

At iGo Global over the years we have developed a MAP for our students as they return from an overseas experience. This Missional Action Plan (MAP) won’t help you find your trigonometry class, but it will help you continue to continue the journey to becoming someone that lives on mission day in and day out. Check it out.



If you could actually see the MAP up close and with readable font right now, you would see that this MAP has four basic checkpoints for you on your journey. These four checkpoints are:

1. Enlist a mentor.

2. Share your story.

3. Stay on mission.

4. Engage the body.

With each checkpoint there are some detours lurking that could get you sidetracked and way off course. Over the next four days we will talk about each checkpoint, how to avoid those detours, and what it looks like to live out this year on mission on your campus.

We are praying with you that God will use you on your school campus this summer. We are praying that you will see His ancient work all around you and know just where to He wants you to enter.

What about you? What are some of your prayers for this school year? 

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iGo Global Staff

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