Thoughts from Sally Waller

Sally served as a Jimmy (office intern) with us this past summer and below is a story about iGo she wrote for one of her classes this semester.

There is exactly one Sonic, one Subway, and one little hole-in-the-wall Mexican food restaurant (named La Flor) in Lavon, Texas- a town that serves more as a spillway for Rockwall residents than anything else. There is also exactly one shopping center in Lavon, Texas, where the Dollar General is the premiere fixture. Behind this Dollar General and next to a smelly patch of land that connects to the local Post Office, there is a small and rather inconsequential office building. 695 Main Street Suite 400: iGo Global headquarters.

It is not the land of Harry Potter where everyday objects lend themselves to strange, magical transfigurations. The inside of the building is exactly like the outside: normal. The office space contains the same desks and computers found in any office across America. The copier and printer perform the same tasks any copier and printer would perform. Business transactions are the same: money comes in and out; and the post arrives everyday at 4 o’clock.

Upon closer examination, however, there are little oddities that make this office space unique. Who would have guessed, for example, that the control for the air conditioner seems unable to attach itself to the wall because of a football that very often goes haywire through the halls when the stress of the job becomes too much? Or that the six inches of Scotch tape covering the light switch in Kent Jones’s office is there because he works better under lamp light? (Naturally). There are these little things that make this little office its own.

Physicality aside, the office is also distinctively marked by its people- even though, at first glance, they are in uniform with their building. The people that inhabit the building on a daily basis are normal. They are not powerful businessmen in expensive suits that drive powerful sports cars. They are normal dads and wives and friends in all respect but one: they are dreamers who believe in a faith that is radically encompassing.

iGo Global is an organization that was founded nine years ago on the dream of two men, who had a vision to engage high school students in the ancient and ongoing work of God across the world. Driven by the dream to “Make Him Famous,” the organization exists to provide a vehicle for students to learn to live a missional lifestyle that first and foremost brings glory to God. And that is the difference, which is what makes this ordinary building with ordinary walls and floors and ceilings the container of something extraordinary. This little building has had its identity altered. It has been changed because its ears have heard prayers of pleading for a generation to take their place in advancing the Kingdom, prayers of tried hope when finances are uncertain, and prayers of thanksgiving when Jehovah Jireh proves (as He always does in some form).

To date, over 2,000 students have been mobilized, and all of the planning and the organizing and the business transactions have happened out of the tiny office in Lavon. While in so many ways the typical white, sheet-rocked walls and generic brown carpet of this office are exactly that- typical- they have seen things that are in direct contrast to the morals and standards of our culture. The office has seen men and women and high school students who are driven by a bottom line. But not a monetary bottom line that asks, “How much profit can I make from this?” Rather, a bottom line that states: we are created for His glory alone.

The truth is that out of this inconsequential office space, in a simple shopping center, in an unknown town, lives are being changed and the face of the world is being altered. Out of 695 Main Street Suite 400 there is a collective voice rising and saying, “Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts” (Isaiah 26:8).

iGo Global Staff

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