COVID-19 Precautions

Due to COVID-19 potential impact on future travel, we have the following provisions in place:

No Payments due until January 2021

Stateside Back-up locations planned for each international trip (back up options include New York, Houston, Kansas City, and Ft. Worth)

Refunds ensured in the event of trip cancellation

Launch Box Leadership Team

Launch Crew

Session 1: March 8 – 12

Session 2: March 15 – 19

Launch Box is a mission experience designed specifically for youth groups that will ultimately launch students back into a life on mission in their hometowns and beyond. In order to pull off these events, we need leaders (especially iGo alumni) to serve on the Launch Crew.

As a Launch Crew Member, you will:

  • Lead student participants in learning how to live missionally.
  • Share the gospel with immigrants from all over the world.
  • Attend worship services each night lead by the iGo staff.


The cost to become a Launch Crew member is $100. That covers your meals and housing Sunday night through Friday morning.



Ky Martin is the Launch Crew Coordinator.  You can contact him with any questions you have.

There will also be a designated Crew Chief each week who will oversee all of the crew members during the event.



As a Crew Member, you will be asked to attend our Leader Retreat in April. It is here where you will be able to connect with other leaders and learn how to be the most effective Crew Member.

iGo will also host a brief time of training and preparation for the Launch Crew beginning Sunday evening and wrapping up Monday morning.

During these trainings, you’ll learn how to lead a group of students through the Launch Box experience. You’ll also learn how to help other students fill their Launch Box, which is a much more useful box than this one.


Application Process

To become part of the Launch Crew, you must fill out the online application and get two people to fill out the reference forms on your behalf. Click the “Start Your Application” button at the top right of this page to apply.

Age Requirement:

11th grade and up, Including Adults

Trip Coach:

Ky Martin