Trip Date Application Deadline
July 18, 2020 – July 28, 2020 November 1, 2019

This entry level trip gives you the opportunity to serve NAME (Northern Africa Middle East) immigrants and refugees in Germany. You’ll receive daily training from local church planters on how to share the gospel cross-culturally, and come home ready to live missionally every day. Germany has the third-highest number of international migrants in the world. With Germany holding some of the largest cities in Europe, there are plenty of opportunities to share the gospel with people from all over the world!

On this trip, you will:

  • Receive cross-cultural evangelism training
  • Share the gospel with immigrants and refugees
  • Return home ready to live on mission

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At iGo, safety is always a high priority and we take extensive measures to ensure the success of the students on our teams. From registering every student with the embassy, to giving all our leaders training, we do everything in our power to minimize risk and be prepared for any issue that might arise on the field.



The cost for this TBD but will roughly be $3200 (all inclusive). It covers meals, lodging, airfare, training, in country transportation, travel insurance, etc… everything but souvenirs. We provide all team members with a fundraising guide upon acceptance and other helpful resources.



Rachel Calder will be the Trip Coach (iGo staff member ready to guide you through every phase of this journey) for your team. She will be your main contact leading up to the trip. Youth ministers as well as other adults will be traveling and serving alongside the students on this team as well.

All iGo teams serve under the direct supervision of local church planters and other field staff.

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The first two days of your trip will be a stateside training program called Base Camp. The two primary focuses of Base Camp are:

  1. Spiritual Preparation: Teachings that will give you a biblical framework for missional living.
  2. Cross Cultural Training: Simulations and activities that will enable you to cross cultures effectively.

About Base Camp


Application Process

To apply for this trip you simply need to complete the steps outlined below by the application deadline: October 1, 2019. Once you’ve completed your application you’ll receive instructions on how to acquire your reference. Each applicant must request a Reference from your Youth Pastor.
Reference Form

Age Requirement:

Completed 9th Grade
(by the time of the trip)
Adult Chaperones Needed

Trip Coach:

Rachel Calder