Staff Meeting Video

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We decided to record one of our staff meetings for the three people that read our blog and who might wonder what a day in the iGo office is like. None of this is planned, staged, scripted or any other synonym you can think of. We tried to filter through the boring stuff. Hope you enjoy the ridiculousness that is our staff:

The day Allison edited this video was the SAME day we found our new office! Praise the Lord! Be praying for us as we transition to the new location in Wylie.

  • Jordan E.

    that video answers so many questions… Glad yall found a new headquarters to conquer the world from.

  • Kim B

    Haha, this video made me laugh sooooo much! My favorite had to be when you’re playing words with friends, and someone just yells “XENA!” it was probably Crystal 🙂

    I’m so glad you found a new office! Yay!!! I’ll pray for ya’ll.

  • Chris

    Sometimes, when I am lonely and the rain is falling over London, I watch this video and pretend that I am sitting next to Ky. Sometimes I think London cries so much because iGo has gone:( (deep breath…staring at the ceiling with longing eyes)