What is the Vision of Launch Box?

Launch Box is a mission training experience for youth groups designed to allow students to engage least-reached peoples while receiving quality training that will launch them into a life on mission back in their hometown. The experience is designed to give your students a lot of quality training, similar to what we provide for our overseas teams, as well as opportunities to serve strategically by helping the local church reach international immigrants and refugees.

What sort of missional activities will the students engage in?

The primary missional activity will be outreach to immigrants and refugees in Ft. Worth. There are several apartment complexes that are filled with refugees who have been resettled in the United States. Some things your students will do at the apartment complexes include:

  • Prayerwalking
  • Hosting community events and games
  • Leading Backyard Bible Clubs
  • Building relationships and sharing the gospel
  • Setting up apartments for refugees who have not arrived yet

Are the missional activities strategic?

Yes! All of the work the students do will be connected to our partners who have ongoing ministries among the refugee communities. We will be working closely with our host church, Normandale Baptist. This church has been very active among the refugee communities for many years. They have seen many of them come to faith and join their church. Their church even hosts worship services in several different languages which are lead by these refugees. We will also work closely with World Relief, a non-profit organization that works directly with the US government in refugee resettlement. The work they do is amazing and much needed. They help these refugees find jobs, learn English, set up their apartments, get drivers’ licenses, go shopping, etc. So, everything that the students do at Launch Box will be a part of a larger, long-term strategy to reach and provide assistance to refugees.

Are registrations fees refundable?

Yes, as long as you notify us more than 30 days prior to the event. If your numbers decrease after registration, we will apply the registration fees to students who are still going. Any decrease in numbers less than 30 days before the event will result in a loss of those funds.

Can I add students after I register?

Yes! You can add more students than you originally registered as long the session is not full. A small price increase may apply if the event is in less than 30 days.

What will the lodging situation be?

Students will stay in a church building, so participants will need to bring a sleeping bag, air mattress or cot and begging. We will have shower trailers on site. If your group wishes to stay in a hotel instead, you may do that as well. Several groups have done that in previous years and found it enjoyable.

Who should I bring to Launch Box?

We welcome Middle School (going into 7th grade) and High School Students. You can bring your whole youth group to Launch Box or use it as a leadership development tool. The evangelism driven projects will be challenging for your less mature students, but there will also be service projects that they can more easily engage.

What kind of training will the students receive?

Our training is focused on helping students understand that God calls us to a life of missional engagement rather than just mission trips. We will teach through some specific curriculum developed in conjunction with our missionary partners serving all over the world. This training takes students through the different seasons of the harvest. We focus on plowing, sowing, reaping, and vintaging (discipling) that helps students understand and embrace their role in making disciples.

Can I use this experience as a mission camp?

Absolutely. This is a mission training experience where students are learning how to live on mission while doing mission work. In addition, we also have a worship service every night where we present the gospel and teach through expository preaching. We also work hard to make this a fun experience that can really strengthen the unity of your student group.

What will my role be at Launch Box as a student minister?

Launch Box is designed to put a minimal amount of responsibility on adult leaders so that they are free to focus on people rather than tasks. Our staff and the Launch Crew will take care of the logistics and help lead and organize the missional activities. You will be responsible for transportation of your students. We also provide designated time and space for church groups to meet each day.

Are there leadership roles at Launch Box for my students?

If you have college students serving in your ministry or have leadership quality high school students, there is an opportunity for them to serve on the Launch Crew for the week. The Launch Crew helps lead the Launch Box participants as they engage the missional activities throughout the week. They will have some logistical responsibilities too. Check out the Launch Crew page on our website for more info.