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Core Values in Real Life – Part 1 – Bottom Line

By Lance Shumake · August 9, 2019

It was basically an organized riot. They filled the theater in Ephesus and the crowd was shouting, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians! Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” This mob is angry at Paul. Paul brought the gospel to Ephesus. He proclaimed it boldly. People received the gospel and they gave up their idol worship. And that stirred up the people of the city against Paul. How dare he cause people to stop worshipping Artemis. The crowd couldn’t find Paul so they grabbed some of his known companions and drug them into the theater. This could get out of…

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You ask…He answers

By iGo Global Staff · July 31, 2018

Your iGo trip is officially in the books. Your suitcase is unpacked (unless you are a Germany JSI and iGosian Airways took over your return flight and lost your luggage in or near Philly. In that case, just trust the process). Part of you misses your time overseas. Part of you wishes you were still there. Part of you can’t believe that the trip went so quickly. Part of you, it seems, stayed overseas. So now what? It’s always a good idea to find your answers in the Word.  When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because…

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This is definitely not for you

By iGo Global Staff · September 13, 2016

No, really. You. This is not your deal, sister. You are not ready for it and you couldn’t do it even if you were. In fact, it is probably safe to say that God didn’t even call you to this in the first place, bro. Seriously, why would He call you? What do you even have to offer? So you’re still reading? Nice. This probably felt a little like the old reverse psychology tricks from your parents. You know the ones: “Don’t you dare smile for this picture!” Or maybe, “You’re right. School is a waste of time. I think…

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The Hope of the World Hits Home

By iGo Global Staff · August 18, 2015

One of our core values at iGo is Hope of the World. It is the biblical doctrine that God is bringing His message of hope to the world through the local church. That is the plan. The only plan. We don’t just teach that as a value. As a staff, we try to live it, embrace it, and model it as well. Some iGo staff are elders, some are married to elders, some are married to church staff members, and everyone serves in some capacity at their home church. But this core value is getting a lot more up-close and…

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Frontline Friday: iGo all over the world

By iGo Global Staff · July 24, 2015

What a week this has been at iGo Global. Our Texas Super Summer Global and Louisiana Geaux Students teams visited iGosia, were trained at Base Camp, and flew out Monday to Madrid to make Him famous. They are doing an amazing job of engaging the Ancient Work alongside the M’s and our wonderful JSIs (overseas interns). Here is a just a small sample of daily updates from one of the trek groups on this team: H.W. Weatherford The Father has done unreal things here and I can’t wait until tomorrow! B.V. Groesbeck So blessed to see Father honor and bless…

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Frontline Friday: God Opens Doors

By iGo Global Staff · July 17, 2015

This past week has been one to remember for sure. Last week we branched off into different sites that we had been to only one or two times since we’ve been here. My team went to a site I had been to before, but I didn’t care for it much. I asked Father to break down my own barriers and show me how he was at work there. After PR walking for a few hours, we began to try to find a place for dinner. This was a difficult task because literally every restaurant in the area was closed due…

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Frontline Friday: Camels, taxis, and Gospel Conversations

By iGo Global Staff · July 10, 2015

I can’t believe that we are halfway through. The last few weeks have seemed to really fly by. When first getting here I was excited to step into the work and see how Father had been working. Now that I am involved I am completely in awe and humbled. Amazing things are happening here and He is working. I am also really enjoying the culture. I have ridden a camel, had plenty of hot tea and coffee, taken many taxis, slept in the desert, and overall had a really great time. People here are so enthralled in their culture that…

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Rejoice, Remember, and Realize: How to Pray for the Persecuted Church

By iGo Global Staff · July 6, 2015

A timely challenge and some inspiration from iGo staffer, Rachel Partridge to get you focused on this Monday morning.  3 Ways to Pray for the Persecuted Church Rejoice: I’m fully aware of how strange it sounds to say that we should rejoice, and that in our prayers we should praise God for persecution. But when I read the stories of persecuted believers in the New Testament, I see that they rejoice, and that God’s name is made famous through persecution. Peter and the apostles rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus (Acts 5:41). Paul says that he rejoices…

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Frontline Friday: Building Relationships and Sharing Christ in Madrid

By iGo Global Staff · July 3, 2015

God has been doing great things in Madrid! This past week we were Pr-walking through a park and we passed a young woman sitting on a bench by herself. We started Pr-ing for her and sat on a bench nearby. After a couple minutes we felt led to go talk to her, so we went over and started a conversation. She is 22 years old and speaks a tiny bit of English, so we told her we could practice our Spanish and she could practice her English. She was extremely friendly and invited us to sit on the bench next…

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Frontline Friday: Park Bench and Tea Salon Conversations in Africa

By iGo Global Staff · June 26, 2015

Summer is definitely in full effect. We just finished our first week of LaunchBox 2015 last night. Pray for the students and these youth groups as they are launched back home to live on mission. We also had a Group Trek (the students from Central Baptist in Crandall, Texas) serve in Vancouver and return. Pray for them as well. Our JSIs are getting acclimated to life on mission in Madrid, and we have a team getting settled in on the front lines in northern Africa. Today’s update is from CB (one of the team leaders on that team). It has…

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