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By iGo Global Staff · February 12, 2016

The Best Kept Secret at iGo You won’t find it spelled out in our mission statement. We haven’t turned it into a fancy video. We’ve chosen not to put it on a billboard on I-35. In many ways, it seems like some kind of secret. But leadership development is a huge part of what iGo does. It is woven through the fabric of our training, our mobilization, our systems, our strategies. In some ways, leadership development could be viewed as simply a by-product of our mission. But that view overlooks the intentionality behind it. I call it the best kept…

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The Hope of the World Hits Home

By iGo Global Staff · August 18, 2015

One of our core values at iGo is Hope of the World. It is the biblical doctrine that God is bringing His message of hope to the world through the local church. That is the plan. The only plan. We don’t just teach that as a value. As a staff, we try to live it, embrace it, and model it as well. Some iGo staff are elders, some are married to elders, some are married to church staff members, and everyone serves in some capacity at their home church. But this core value is getting a lot more up-close and…

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HGPF and The iGosian Summer Reading Club

By iGo Global Staff · June 18, 2015

HGPF This is the acronym that iGosians have come to love, despite the fact that it spells nothing and sounds strange. HGPF has been a central teaching at iGo Base Camps for well over 10 years now. In case you need a refresher course, HGPF comes straight out of Ephesians 4:1-3. The letters stand for Humble, Gentle, Patient, and Forbearing. Paul is instructing the Ephesian church to maintain their Spirit-given unity by engaging each other in these ways in light of the amazing work of Christ (Chapters 1-3). HGPF, like all of the other Base Camp teachings, ties directly into…

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Featured Resource: Journibles. Yes, that is a real thing.

By iGo Global Staff · April 6, 2015

From time to time, we like to point you to resources that will help you know God and make Him known. iGo staffer Jami Lee Gainey took some time to share her thoughts about a resource she is currently using.  Recently, a friend in my small group from church recommended a resource for our LTG called a Journible. The Journible is laid out so that you actually handwrite your own copy of scripture on the right hand page of the book. The left hand page is reserved for your own notes and journaling. Occasionally, there is a question or word faintly…

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Jimmy has arrived: Advice Needed

By iGo Global Staff · May 14, 2014

  Good advice is hard to come by, which is probably why good advice is so valuable. That fact, however, doesn’t stop people from giving out advice. People just keep throwing it out there hoping at some point to come up with something that is actually helpful. As a result, we have timeless advice tips such as: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This one works great on paper, but as a parent of four I can tell you that my kids don’t carry out their conversations on paper. Don’t cry over spilled…

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Introducing Jimmy 2014!

By iGo Global Staff · April 9, 2014

Jimmy goes with iGo summer like peanut butter and jelly. Like Scooby and Shaggy. Like shawarma and hummus. Like Frodo and Sam. Yes, Jimmy. This is the name we give our summer interns at iGo Global. Everyone needs a friend named Jimmy. We are pleased to be able to introduce this year’s Jimmy to you. Always behind the scenes and never getting enough credit, Jimmy is a picture of servant leadership at iGo. Jimmy comes to help iGo mobilize and train hundreds of students every summer. They count T-shirts, they stuff envelopes, they organize Base Camp materials, they wash rancid…

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Tis the season…to apply to Jimmy, that is! (by iGo staffer Sarah Arnett)

By iGo Global Staff · December 16, 2013

I’ll keep it short because I know you’ve got a semester’s worth of Spanish to memorize before your 10 o’clock class… so here are the “hechos”…that’s Spanish for “facts.” Who: Jimmy is a group of college aged students that are interested in the sending process of missions. Jimmy is involved in all aspects of mobilization; they experience deep community with one another and do life together day in and day out. Jimmy comes from all walks of life and no two jimmy are alike. What: Jimmy is iGo Global’s in-office internship. Jimmy joins our staff for a little over two months during…

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JSI: Learn to Lead by Leading

By iGo Global Staff · September 18, 2013

  In the chronicles of iGo History you would find that at one time we had two different kinds of interns. Well, we actually still do have two different kinds of interns. But we used to also. The difference was that back in those days (and I’m still not sure if they were the good old days or just the old days at this point) we called our interns that stayed here in our office interns. We also called our interns that served overseas interns. It didn’t take long to get confused. So we no longer call anyone interns, even…

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Terrific Theological Tuesday – The Importance of Doctrine

By iGo Global Staff · September 10, 2013

  Doctrine. How does this word make you feel? Be honest. Did anyone cringe? Why? Maybe it has something to do with how it sounds like doctor, and shot needles at an early age gave most of us a healthy distrust of those MD’s in the white coats. Perhaps there is more to your reaction than just the sound. The word has gotten a pretty bad rap. For many of us it just sounds boring and, even worse, non-applicable to life. Give me a good old how-to talk or maybe some steps to unprecedented success. I’ll be glad to accept some…

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Meet Jimmy!

By iGo Global Staff · April 30, 2013

At the iGo Global World Wide Headquarters located in Wylie which is in the Republic of Texas, we welcome summer interns each year to help us train and mobilize our teams. We call these interns Jimmy. Why? Well, it is a known fact that everyone wants a friend named Jimmy. It is also much easier to get one of them to do something if you call them all by the same name. That being said, we want to introduce you to Jimmy 2013. They won’t arrive at HQ until May 13, but we wanted our fan base to begin to…

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