Welcome to Cucumbers & Tomatoes!

Has it happened yet? Now that you have been back in school for a couple weeks it is bound to happen. Maybe even when you least expect it. It might take place when you are in chemistry lab wondering why your teacher assigned you these yahoos as lab partners. Or it could kick in during trigonometry as you daydream about the good old days when letters never found their way into math problems. It could even sneak up on you during English as you ponder why Shakespeare didn’t know how to write in English very well. What language did he speak anyway?

And then it hits you. A longing for all things iGosia rushes over you like people trying to get into a Tokyo train at rush hour. You find yourself wishing that as you exit class into the hallway, 25 screaming iGosians would be waiting to convince you that you need a purple bus ticket. At breakfast you wish your brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts could have a side of cucumbers. And actually solving a calculus problem reminds you constantly of the Bottom Line. Face it. You miss iGosia. You miss the market, customs, food, and the teaching. We know. We’ve just been waiting for you to admit it.

So this blog is for you…the true iGosians. It is a place for you to connect with the mysterious and wonderful land of iGosia. It is a place for you to be remember the teachings, the core values, the ridiculousness, and to hear from our staff. Check it out. Check it often. Tell your iGosian friends. The place to be on the world wide web is here. Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

iGo Global Staff

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