JSI 2018

JSI: Europe

Trip DateApplication Deadline
June 16, 2018 - July 28, 2018September 23, 2017

This next level trip is designed specifically for students who have leadership ability and are ready to serve overseas for 6-8 weeks. Students on this team will be ministering in Amsterdam and/or Munich. You’ll lead our first level teams and receive daily training from local church planters on how to share the gospel cross-culturally, and come back equipped to live missionally in your everyday life.

On this trip, you will:

  • Receive cross-cultural evangelism training
  • Share the gospel with immigrants and refugees
  • Return home equipped to live missionally
  • Provide leadership to first level teams

Age Requirement:

Must have served overseas before or be in college.

Trip Coordinator:

Nate Woodall

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At iGo, safety is the highest priority and we take extensive measures to ensure the success of the students on our teams. From registering every student with the embassy, to giving all our leaders emergency training, we do everything in our power to minimize risk be prepared for any issue that might arise on the field.

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The cost for this trip is typically $4500 (all inclusive). It covers meals, lodging, airfare, training, in country transportation, travel insurance, etc… everything but souvenirs. We provide all team members with a fundraising booklet upon acceptance and other helpful resources.


Nate Woodall is the Trip Coordinator (staff member in charge of logistics) for this team. He will be your main contact leading up to the trip. This team will also have a Team Leader who will travel and serve with the team. All Team Leaders have a proven track record of responsibility, travel competency, and faithfulness to their church. All iGo teams serve under the direct supervision of local church planters and other field staff.


Leader Retreat is for everyone leading an iGo team or serving as a JSI in the upcoming summer. All team leaders and JSIs are required to attend this weekend as part of their commitment to serve through iGo. We spend time worshiping together and hearing from Scripture as a way to spiritually prepare for what lies ahead. It’s a great time for leaders and JSIs to connect with our staff and each other, spend time with each other in community, and prepare for their roles as leaders and servants.

The first three days of your trip will be a stateside training program called Base Camp. The two primary focuses of Base Camp are:

  1. Spiritual Preparation: Teachings that will give you a biblical framework for missional living.
  2. Cross Cultural Training: Simulations and activities that will enable you to cross cultures effectively.

About Base Camp

Application Process

To apply for this trip you simply need to complete the steps outlined below by the application deadline: September 23, 2017. Once you’ve completed your application you’ll receive instructions on how to submit the application fee and acquire three references. Each applicant must request Reference Forms from the following individuals: Pastor of your church, Youth Pastor and another adult who knows you well (not a family member). Every applicant must participate in an in-person interview once the application and references are completed.

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