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May 23, 2018 - July 31, 2018March 31, 2018

“Everyone needs a friend named Jimmy.” This is why we began referring to all our office interns as “Jimmy.” As a Jimmy, you will be involved in all aspects of mobilization, experience deep community with one another, and do life together. You will be part of an intentional mentoring process that will challenge and equip you both personally and spiritually.

Interested in graphic design or video editing? In addition to the typical Jimmy we also offer two specialized Jimmy positions: Design Jimmy and Media Jimmy. These two positions are for students interested in developing their graphic design and video editing skills, building their portfolio and assisting iGo in the overall strategy.


Age Requirement:

High School Sr. – College Age

Trip Coordinator:

Lance Shumake


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For the summer, you will have an Intern Supervisor, or Jimmy Boss. They will show you the ropes in the office as you prepare each Base Camp and make sure you’re working hard while having a great time.

Outside of the office your time will be spent together with your Jimmy Pastors. You will eat meals together, grow in community, read and discuss scripture, spend time with staff families, and have lots of fun.


A large portion of the Jimmy position involves assisting with Base Camp trainings for all the teams heading overseas. Without Jimmy, Base Camp would be impossible. Jimmy packs everything, loads the trailer, assembles parent and student packets and so much more. It is hard to explain how much work goes into getting ready for Base Camp, so we will just show you when you get here.

Application Process

To apply for Jimmy you simply need to complete the steps outlined below by the application deadline: January 31, 2017. Once you’ve completed your application you’ll receive instructions on how to submit the application fee and acquire three references. Each applicant must request Reference Forms from the following individuals: Pastor of your church, Youth pastor, and another adult who knows you well (not a family member). Once your completed application is received you’ll receive instructions about completing an interview.

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