iGo 2

Wylie, TX & The Ends of the Earth

Join iGo Global for a two-year commitment where you’ll gain first-hand experience in the mobilization process as well as leading teams on the field. Our iGo2 staff work in the office during the year helping with recruiting, team development, logistics, communication and more. They also get to spend a portion of their summer overseas working alongside our missionary partners and helping lead our large teams on the field.

 Through this experience, you will:

  • Participate in and take ownership in the mobilization process
  • Work alongside our staff and missionaries
  • Gain leadership experience coordinating and leading large teams

Job Description

Your specific job description will depend on your strengths and passions, and may evolve throughout your time here. Some examples of responsibilities you may take on include, but are not limited to: recruiting, trip coordinating, graphic design, video editing, event planning, leadership development, etc.


Working at iGo is much more than just being a staff member, and the iGo2 position is no exception. You will have ample opportunities to learn from other staff members both inside and outside of the office. Whether you plan to remain on staff at iGo, move overseas, enter the workforce, or pursue vocational ministry, this is a great opportunity to learn, grow, and develop as you prepare for what is next.


Age Requirement:

College Graduate

Trip Coordinator:

Lance Shumake

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