June 10, 2016 // White Trek

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S. L. Lufkin
Today was our last day at our site. It was really good and I got to see Father move in some cool, unexpected, ways! Tomorrow is free day and then we will see each other soon! Can’t wait to share!

S. J. Shallowater
Hey guys! I’m so glad that I got to be a part of Fathers will here. I learned so much and can’t wait to share! Love you guys sooooo much! See you soon.

C. D. Seminole
Hey mom and dad! Today was great because we did a lot of pr walking and Sutton and I got to share with these boys after playing sports with them. It was so amazing! Love y’all and see you soon!

M. H. Early
I love my trek so much! They are all so awesome and Father has let us grow so close! We or walked a lot today and it was great! Love ya.

K. S. Stephenville
Hello! Only 3 days! This trip, though fast, has changed me. Two Muslim men recieved JC yesterday!!! We serve an amazing Father! Love y’all. Ich spreche deutch.

A. D. Cleveland
Please bring Rachel to the airport with y’all. Miss all of you. Today was our last day of going out to our sites and it has been amazing to see Father work through all of us. Especially missing the dogs!! See you soon.

R. H. Frisco
Hey mom and dad! Miss y’all. Just finished our last “official” day of pr walking and we ate dinner at a good burger place. Tomorrow is our free day so we are going shopping and to see some sites. Love you guys!

J. L. Rockwall
Hey guys. Today was our last day at our site and we did a lot of pr walking through the word and this trip has been amazing! I can’t wait to tell you about it!

J. D. Dallas
Hello everyone! We had our last day at our site today and mostly we or walked a lot, but some got to share. This has been amazing! Tomorrow is free day and I can’t wait to see you all and share!