July 11, 2016 // Green Trek

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Today was our free day, it was super fun! I got some cute Birkenstocks!
See y’all soon, love you!
LF – San Angelo

Today was great. The beauty of this place is so amazing. Can’t wait to see you and tell you tons of stories.
CD – San Angelo

Had a great day with a few people I got to meet this past week and it was a fantastic way to end this trip. Father is so good and I’m so blessed! See everyone very soon!
LA – Seminole

Sorry guys, just realized I’m in Munich, not Dominica. See you tomorrow!
PA – Helotes

I did a lot of shopping for souvenirs! Hope y’all like them.
Can’t wait to go home, love y’all!
RS – Breckenridge

Fun day! Touring and shopping! See you guyses soon!
BD – Shallowater

Today we got to see so many great sights and buy random things!
LJ – Cresson