July 10, 2016 // Green Trek

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Today was our last day to share at our site. I got to share with a lady and her son.
A girl from my trek and I played with the lady’s dog, the dog looked like he should be named Dominica, but he was named Pergo. I’m excited for tomorrow! I love you guys!
PA – Helotes

Today was mostly planing for me, but we PRed all day and it was great!
Some of our trek got to share and that was great too!
LJ – Cresson

Today was amazing. Sadly it was our last day at the park. Tomorrow is our free day.
We have really had an amazing time serving Father. He did amazing things this week.
(P.S. My JSI’s are Phantasmagoric)
CD – Grapecreek

PR walked again today! Free day is tomorrow. Might tour the soccer field, then shop.
Really love it here and the people! Definitely gonna miss my beautiful JSI’s and my amazing trek. Love you guyses!
BD – Shallowater

Today I had a Father given opportunity to share the good news with 2 kids after them beating us in 2 rounds of soccer! My good friend and JSI were with me, and we all shared the good news. Father is good.
RS – Breckenridge

Can’t wait to see you! We had another good day! We have a free day tomorrow, so I’ll try to find something cool for ya! I have good cookies I’m bringing home too!
See you soon, love you!
LF – San Angelo

Today may be the last at our site, but it was not the least. Father answered PRs by letting me talk to kids about his word after we played soccer! We lost twice, but I was excited to share! See everybody in a few days! Oh and I have the best JSI’s EVER!!!
LA – Seminole

Enjoyed sweet trek time after lunch and then PR walked around a refugee center. Talked with a lady that goes to the park often, so hopefully we will connect with her again.
CM – Greenville

Talked in length with a man today! He opened up and let me share the gospel with him. Ring that he will continue to be open to Father. Great last day!
Hey, Meredith and Abby – I love and miss you!
DF – Texarkana