Joy of the Sower

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Stop for just a minute and think about what you value. Having trouble? Think about what drives you. Think about what you pursue. Think about what you desire. You see, in many ways, our values define us. They shape us. They show up in almost every area of our lives.

At the heart of iGo Global, you will find our Core Values. Everything that we do in training and mobilizing comes from these core values, which come straight out of Scripture. On the surface these core values help our students to engage on a mission experience. They give you the right foundation, the right perspective, and the right approach.

Below the surface, however, these values are much more important. Embracing them and making them your own will shape you into the person God wants you to be. The person that lives on mission. The person that lives to make Him famous.

Joy of the Sower
Our final core value is The Joy of the Sower. God is on mission through His church giving us a role to play in His work. And that role? To sow. We plant seeds, we may even water seeds, but it is God who makes them grow. The results are totally and completely up to God, but He still allows us to be part of the work. Here and now in our results-driven culture we need to embrace the reality that results are not our department. When we do, we will find other reasons to celebrate. We can celebrate when God allow us to sow seeds of the gospel into someone’s life. We can celebrate when we are, by God’s power, faithful with the opportunities that He puts in front of us. There truly is joy to be found in the sowing. And when God brings the harvest, the sower will rejoice.

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