Hope of the World

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Stop for just a minute and think about what you value. Having trouble? Think about what drives you. Think about what you pursue. Think about what you desire. You see, in many ways, our values define us. They shape us. They show up in almost every area of our lives.

At the heart of iGo Global, you will find our Core Values. Everything that we do in training and mobilizing comes from these core values, which come straight out of Scripture. On the surface these core values help our students to engage on a mission experience. They give you the right foundation, the right perspective, and the right approach.

Below the surface, however, these values are much more important. Embracing them and making them your own will shape you into the person God wants you to be. The person that lives on mission. The person that lives to make Him famous.

Hope of the World
The Bottom Line taught us that number one on God’s agenda is to spread His glory across the Earth. But how? How does God do this? Scripturally, there is only one way. Through. His. Church. The second iGo Core Value is The Hope of the World. Here we learn that the local church IS the hope of the world. Yes, I know that Jesus is really the hope of the world. I went to Sunday School. But the truth is that God plans to bring the message of Jesus to the world through His church. And that is His only plan. Engage the church…engage the mission. Disengage…well, you figure it out. Hope comes to a lost and broken world through the local church.

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