Warrior Dash Pics

An estimated 18,000 people proved their warrior status at the two day event this weekend in Forney, TX. Among these were six of our staff and several friends.

“It was the craziest freaking day of my life,” said Shu. “We all looked like new born giraffes out in that mud. You could NOT stand up. The coolest part was how every part of my body was hurting until I stopped running and then I felt fine.”

Ky said, “The coolest part was the mud slide – you get cooking on that thing. It was just like going down a water slide. Another fun part was when you swam over the logs and got out of the water and felt refreshed – ready to go again.”

“Hopefully we’ll make this an annual tradition and more friends and staff can join us next yaer,” said Allison.

Below are some of the pics Allison took during the event:












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  • http://www.marcandcharity.blogspot.com charity

    Y’all look awesome!!! Looks like it was a really fun day.

  • kelsey

    That looks like so much fun!! Way to go guys!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8LqzI7XHyE AL

    Ky – you’re eye black is leGIT…..

  • Leslie

    i am SO proud! this should be incorporated into base camp. it can be a right of passage for igosians.

  • Dennis

    Hardcore all the way!

  • hippie

    warriors eat bananas?