Nice Try Turtles

Today is March 6, 2012 according to the iGosian Calendar. This means that there are officially only 37 days until the iGo Leader Retreat and only 74 days until Base Camp Alpha (formerly known as College Base Camp). (explanation of new Base Camp lingo to follow)

With so little time left, we figured it was time to dust off the cucumbers and tomatoes and bring this blog back to life (Lazarus style).

So spread the word. Cucumbers and Tomatoes is back. It is almost time for tourist season in iGosia! Fire up! So subscribe to the RSS feed (whatever that means) and make sure you are following us on twitter. (@igoglobal). We are ready to get you ready for another beautiful iGosian summer of making Him famous.

And to kick things off, we thought we would let you know that we are almost ready to reveal the iGosian mascot for 2012. It was a close race this year, but we are sure you will be happy with this year’s missional mammal. iGo staff member, Chassidy is extremely pleased. Watch for that announcement coming real soon.

Until then, we have been given a green light to let you know that the runner up for this year’s mascot was…the Turtle! Nice effort all around by the turtle, but it was just nosed out in the end. Keep in mind, however, that if for any reason the 2012 mascot winner is unable to perform the duties and responsibilities associated with that title, said title will be given to the Turtle. If that doesn’t happen, there is always next year. Keep that head up..or out turtles. We still like you.


So, got any guesses? Comments? Just want to tell us how much you miss iGosia? Use that comment button and let us know. We are waiting.

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  • Jeff K.

    :D So excited! Nice try turtles! Making Him Famous rocks year round, but it is epically fun in the summer months with the iGo Staff and fellow brothers and sisters in another context! See you soon iGosia!