July 11, 2016 // Orange Trek

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V.C. Crandall I thought yesterday was the last blog… whoops! Spent the entire day out and about. I’m probably leaving stuff behind to make room for y’all’s gifts. I’m so excited to see y’all and tell y’all everything! Love y’all and see y’all soon! P.S. I got an awesome hat. L.M. Greenville This trip has […]

July 10, 2016 // Orange Trek

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B.A. Rhinehart Today was a great day of PR walking. I was with Brooke, our JSI, and Amber, our AC. I finally found peonies! So exciting! Love and miss y’all! A.H. Texarkana What a bitter-sweet day! It was our last day in our park, but it was wonderful! I don’t want to leave, but I’m […]

July 9, 2016 // Orange Trek

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K.F. Bronte Hey y’all! Father is moving mountains all over this city !Please continue to life up Munich, especially Quiddestrasse. Ask the HS to continue knocking down walls and providing opportunities! Love y’all! so very much! Clear BGS! B.R. Rhinehart Today was amazing! Father is wowing us every day! I can’t wait till I can […]

July 8, 2016 // Orange Trek

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A.M. Seminole Hey mom! I miss you but it’s crazy fun and busy here! Can’t wait to tell you about it when I get home. B.R. Rhinehart Today was awesome! Other members of my group got to share the story with six people, one of whom we’ve made a really good relationship with! Keep PRing. […]

July 7, 2016 // Orange Trek

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B.R. Rhinehart Hey y’all! Today was good. We got to talk to a few people. We met a woman from Poland which was awesome! Love and miss y’all! #PRforPaul A.H. Texarkana Hey, today has been so wonderful! I can’t thank Father enough for the people we got to talk to! I got to eat ice […]

July 6, 2016 // Orange Trek

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C.B. Kerens Today has been great! We PRed throughout Munich today for the first time. It was amazing to see the daily life of people in a different country. Keep PRing for opportunities to show people Father’s love! A.H. Texarkana I’m over jet lag already and it’s great! Today we PR walked around a gorgeous […]

July 5, 2016 // Orange Trek

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A.H. Texarkana I ate lamb for the first time today! So far we’ve done a lot. Father has already done so much and I can’t wait to see what else He is going to do in this beautiful city! Love and miss you!   M.B. Anahauc Hey! It is beautiful here and the food is […]